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   Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan Update March 2019    April 1, 2019

Since the Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation last year, we have been working hard to process the comments made and to progress and update Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan accordingly. We have assembled all the documentation ready to submit the Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan to St Albans District Council.

Understandably progress and decision making regarding Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan has always been very closed tied up with the development and progression of the St Albans Draft Local Plan. There are a few matters in the Neighbourhood Plan which depend upon the Local Plan successfully passing and being declared sound by the independent Inspector. We will have a much clearer idea of timescales on this by Autumn.

In the meantime, we have working parties addressing issues identified by residents as being important to the village like high street regeneration, parking, buses etc. If you would like to get involved with any of these groups please do get in touch.

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